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Snowbird Travel Insurance

Supplementary health insurance fills the gaps in your government health coverage and offers essential services

Frequent traveller? Make multiple trips not exceeding 17 days to anywhere in the world.

Heading south this fall or winter season? Selecting the best travel insurance for Canadian seniors can be daunting. No need to worry, as travel insurance experts, we are here to assist you.

Destination  —Apache Junction, Arizona
Ages  —55 and 58
Duration  —180 Days
Destination  —Cancun, Mexico
Ages  —50 and 53
Duration  —60 Days
Destination  —Nashville, Tennesse
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We travel too, and as Canadians that also make annual migrations or pilgrimages south, we take great pride in offering Snowbird insurance solutions designed for Canadians. Each plan, whether purchased on a daily or annual basis provides you with access to 24/7 emergency assistance anywhere you travel.

Apache Junction, Arizona, Cancun, Mexico, or Nashville, Tennessee - all great choices for your winter getaway to warmer weather. Regardless your destination My Insurance Broker has a snowbird solution for you.

Why do I need Snowbird Travel Insurance?

We know how important your winter getaway is. That’s why My Insurance Broker has devised a travel insurance plan just for you! Whether taking a trip down south or your yearly getaway to warmer climate, the travel insurance plan for snowbirds gives you the assurance that in case of a medical emergency you’ll be adequately covered.

While your provincial medical insurance does provide some coverage for emergency medical, it only covers a fraction of the exorbitant fees that you could be charged on a daily basis while abroad. Why risk taking out a second mortgage in the event that something goes wrong? Take the necessary precautions to safeguard yourself with an emergency medical care insurance plan from My Insurance Broker!

Supplementary health insurance fills the gaps in your government health coverage and offers essential services

Frequent traveler? Make multiple trips not exceeding 17 days to anywhere in the world.

What does my Snowbird Travel Insurance Cover?

Whether you’re going on a single trip or multiple trips throughout the year, our snowbird travel insurance solutions are customized to suit your needs. Choose from a wide array of coverage options including Emergency Medical Care Benefit, Annual Medical and an All-inclusive Coverage option including emergency medical care, medical follow-up in Canada benefit, trip interruption or cancellation and baggage benefit available on a single trip or multi-trip basis.

Typical Snowbird Travel Insurance Coverage options

Example snowbird coverage options courtesy of Blue Cross
 Medical OnlyAnnual MedicalPackage PlusAnnual Package Plus
Emergency medical careYesYesYesYes
Medical follow-up in CanadaYesYesYesYes
Trip cancellation  YesYes
Trip interruption  YesYes
Baggage  YesYes

Travel Insurance Options for Seniors Over 75

Travel Insurance Options For Seniors Over 75

What Travel Insurance Options Exists For Seniors Over 75

Snowbird insurance is the absolute best options for traveling seniors over the age of 75. And if you need additional medical attention when you return home, you’re covered.

As a snowbird you would be entitled to medical follow-up in Canada benefits as part of your emergency medical care. This includes:hospitalization and rehabilitation fees, home nursing care and transportation expenses. We will even compensate you for the rental of your medical devices!

Why Choose My Insurance Broker for Snowbird insurance?

  • My Insurance Broker is your one-stop shop for everything related to travel insurance
  • Trips to the United States are covered
  • Direct billing with most medical providers
  • Some pre-existing medical conditions covered
  • 24/7 travel assistance through our insurance partners in the event of an emergency

What determines the cost of my snowbird travel insurance?

What determines the cost of my snowbird travel insurance

What determines the cost of my snowbird travel insurance?

There are many factors that affect how much you will pay for proper coverage for your snowbird getaway and the largest contributors are:


As you age, the more you will pay for insurance in general. With snowbird travel insurance the same is true, but you may benefit with pricing resulting from falling within particular pricing ranges such as price ranges consisting of the ages 35-45 or 45-55.

Claims deductibles:

You can lower the initial price of your snowbird emergency medical insurance by adding a deductible in the event you need to make a claim. However, while adding a deductible may reduce the price you pay today, when you do place a claim you will have to pay the deductible to attain the remainder of the snowbird emergency medical insurance benefits included in your policy.


Your vacation destination does not affect the cost of your insurance plan. However, factors like terrorism, health and weather-related concerns may affect the way and if your policy responds. To keep up to date on the Government of Canada’s travel advisories it is recommended to download the Travel Smart App.

Policy features:

The more features you need/want covered, the more you will pay. If you need additional coverage beyond the standard packages available through each of our insurance companies, we recommend speaking with one of our travel insurance experts to ensure you not only get the coverage you need, but also a price you can live with.

Policy package:

The type of snowbird policy you purchase will affect your premium. Depending on your trip duration and travel plans a single-trip policy may cost more than a multi-trip policy and vice versa. It’s recommended to quote your snowbird emergency medical insurance and compare single-trip and multi-trip prices.

Pre-existing medical conditions:

If you have a pre-existing medical condition it is extremely important that you mention it while filling any forms or while speaking with one of our broker’s. If you fail to mention a pre-existing condition and try to file a claim, you may find that the insurance company will not honor the contract.

Pre-existing medical conditions may increase the cost of travel insurance significantly. Estimates of the amount of increase are anywhere between 50% to greater that 1000%.

Although, some minor pre-existing medical conditions may not affect the premium of your snowbird policy but still need to be disclosed for the purposes of meeting any stability period requirements.

Stability periods are stipulated time periods included in your policy that you must demonstrate for a period that you are in a stable health condition. To be clear, for the purposes of travel insurance, snowbird packages included, “Stability” means no change, including deteriorations or improvements in your medical condition.

Snowbirds and smoking:

If you are a smoker, expect to pay an increased premium to account for the increased risk associated with this activity. As an estimate, the cost of travel insurance plans tend to be 15%-30% more expensive for snowbirds who smoke.

Trip duration:

Unsurprisingly, the longer you snowbird, aka, spend time outside of Canada, the more you will pay for travel insurance solutions. If you plan on journeying back to Canada one or more times during your vacation you should compare quotes for multi-trip packages, as they may be a less expensive option.

Bon-Voyage & Enjoy The Warmer Weather

If you, or a fellow snowbird or three (more welcome too) are planning on travelling this fall or winter season and still have questions you want answered, please contact one of our snowbird travel insurance experts at 1-855-482-5001.

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