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While your provincial health insurance covers core medical services deemed necessary, it may not cover some essential services. Your government health insurance covers most physician and some specialist services. That means that vital services such as dental treatment and some extended health services are not typically included. In addition, your physician could also bill you for uninsured services.

Supplementary health insurance usually covers services not included in your government insurance plan or offers additional coverage. Newcomers to Canada and returning residents to the province are also encouraged to obtain private health insurance while your government health coverage is being processed, in case of a medical emergency. While you may also be a part of a group health insurance plan, coverage usually ends when you leave your job or are no longer a member of the association.

Supplementary health insurance fills the gaps in your government health coverage and offers essential services

Supplementary health insurance fills the gaps in your government health coverage and offers essential services Image Source

According to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, typical services usually included in your private health insurance include:

  • Prescription drugs/medicines
  • Semi-private or private hospital accommodation
  • Special nursing needs
  • Ambulance services
  • Hospital and medical expenses incurred outside Canada
  • Artificial limbs, prostheses and medical appliances
  • Wheel chairs, and other durable equipment
  • Specified medical and paramedical services not included in your government health insurance plan such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, osteopaths and optometrists and
  • Vision care (eyeglasses and contact lenses)

**Coverage for dental services is usually offered under a supplementary insurance plan and includes preventive and maintenance services.

Not only will your personal health insurance policy fill the gaps of your provincial health coverage, it will also provide you with additional services you would otherwise have to pay for out of pocket.

My Insurance Broker offers a range of health insurance products to suit your needs and budgetary preferences. Whether you would like additional coverage, are in between jobs or have reached retirement, our Flexcare and FollowMe insurance plans will provide you with the additional protection you need. Choose from a wide range of options including hospital accommodation, catastrophic coverage, increased vision care or emergency medical travel coverage.