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Let’s Find The Right Insurance For You.

Let’s Find The Right Insurance For You.

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Simplified Insurance Solutions for Modern Day Life

What Is an Insurance Broker?

An insurance broker is your personal assistant to tackling any type of insurance search. Insurance brokers are your source for finding the perfect insurance plan tailored to your specific needs. Insurance brokers compare your budget and needs to a wide range of insurance plans to find the ideal plan for your current situation.


Why Get Insured with My Insurance Broker?

You’re probably wondering why you wouldn’t just go straight to the source for your insurance plan. Well, we’re here to tell you that by doing that, you’re actually losing money. By partnering with My Insurance Broker, you save hundreds of dollars monthly.

When you work with My Insurance Broker, you’re given the unique opportunity to compare prices and plans from our 25 trusted partners. You’ll find the most cost-efficient plan in a matter of minutes! We only partner with the absolute best insurance companies in Canada so you’re guaranteed the best price AND the best services.


How it Works

Working with My Insurance Broker is simple. Simple as 6 easy steps...


Step 1: Reach Out

Book a call with us or visit one of our locations to get the search started!

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Step 2: Tell Us About You

Tell us about your insurance needs, your budget, and any other information you think would be useful for your search.


Step 3: Get Your Plans

We provide you with a list of insurance plans hand-picked from our 25 trusted insurance partners. These plans are custom-picked with your preferences and needs in mind.


Step 4: Compare & Analyze

Compare and analyze your chosen insurance plans to find the perfect insurance solution for you, your family, or your business.


Step 5: Apply

Apply through My Insurance Broker and await approval.


Step 6: Relax

Once approved, sit back and enjoy your new coverage!


Our Extensive Plan Options

With My Insurance Broker, you can find your ideal life insurance plan and a useful Uber insurance plan in the same place. Whatever you’re looking for, you bet you can get covered at an affordable rate with My Insurance Broker today!

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RV Insurance

Helpful Insurance Guides

While we try our hardest to simplify insurance for you, we still understand that it can get complex. To help you truly understand the industry, your policy, and a variety of other factors we provide you with in-depth guides and other resources.