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Terms Of Use

The My Insurance Broker Quote System is intended for all audiences. The price given is not a guaranteed value. The quoted price is conditional; based on the information disclosed, the truthfulness of the information disclosed, and the qualifying standards of My Insurance Broker’s underwriting principles.

In order for My Insurance Broker to provide the best quoting experience possible certain determining questions/factors are omitted. In addition, there are preselected/default values used for the purpose of providing you the best experience possible or in other words a “speed/quick/fast” quote. Each of these preselected/default values can be changed to more accurately identify your situation when you speak with one of our licensed brokers. Subsequently, additional information may be required by your licensed broker in order to provide you a final quoted price. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your interests, resolving all queries and concerns associated with price and insurance coverage, and to ensuring you obtain not just the best price possible, but also the best coverage. All quotes are subject to our underwriting standards.

Coverage, limits, and deductibles

For your convenience, limits, deductibles, and coverage have been preselected. These preselected options may not reflect your desired choice of coverage. If you would like to change these options, they can be customized to meet your needs over the phone with an My Insurance Broker licensed insurance broker. Modifying limits, coverage, and/or deductibles may affect premiums. The results window is provided for informative purpose only and does not fully reflect all parts included in a policy.

To obtain your quote

In order to obtain your quote, you must call or email one of My Insurance Broker’s licensed brokers, or we will reach out to you. The price quoted by one of My Insurance Broker’s licensed brokers supersedes that of the one obtained using the Quote System. As always honesty in responses is paramount to obtaining an accurate quote. Failure to divulge tickets and or claims information may result in your ineligibility to obtain coverage.

Browser storage

HTML5 has replaced the need for cookies (an antiquated technology) and it allows for internet browsers to store information locally (on your computer’s instance of chrome or safari). We use HTML5 to store your profile and quote information so that we can reuse it when you visit myinsurancebroker.com again. Specifically, this feature enables us to provide you with a one click quote, where a quote is instantly provided to you by using your previously entered information. This technology is used exclusively for your convenience during future visits to insuremetoo.com. Click here to add this site to you favorites bar.