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Rishi Jaitley

COO & President

Message from our COO

At MIB, our mission revolves around a simple question:"How can we better serve the communities we represent?"It's a question that fuels our journey, inspires our actions, and drives us toward excellence.

Our growth is not just numerical but also reflects our dedication to people and purpose. We are grateful that many of our founding staff are still with us 16 years later today. In 2024, My Insurance Broker is poised for unparalleled success, and we invite you to join Team MIB on this transformative journey toward a future where dreams are empowered, and communities are served with unwavering commitment.

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MIB Values


Privately owned, our sole focus is on our community. Customer Service and Talent Cares are the cornerstones on which MIB was founded and has grown.


Founded by CEO Rick Jaitley, MIB has been on a remarkable journey since its establishment 16 years ago. Now, with its headquarters based in Thornhill, the MIB Group of Companies maintains branches throughout Ontario in the GTA, Sudbury, London, and Hamilton regions. In 2017, MIB extended its reach to British Columbia and most recently in 2023 expanded its doors to the Province of Alberta. The march continues as we actively seek branch partners across Canada, with exciting plans in store for 2024.


As our family grows, so do our responsibilities. Our energy is directed towards exploring new horizons and identifying ways to better serve our community, our brokers, our staff, and our customers.

MIB Cares About You + Your Family

Health Benefit Plan

MIB is pleased to offer all staff a comprehensive health benefits plan through Canada Life that covers them and their dependents and includes coverage for:

  • Dental Care
  • Prescriptions
  • Vision
  • Out of Country Medical
  • Basic Life Insurance
Continuing Education

MIB prides itself on fostering an environment where all associates can learn and grow. MIB offers a full-time corporate facilitator as well as opportunities for:

  • Paid RIBO CE Credits
  • In-house Seminars
  • Partner Product Training
  • Reimbursement for CAIB & CIP

Work hard and play hard! My Insurance Broker knows that vacation time is important for everyone and is proud to offer staff members:

  • Generous annual vacation time with increases based on seniority
  • Opportunity to earn bonus time
Birthday Bonus Day

Birthdays are special, regardless of how many you have celebrated! MIB recognizes our employee’s special day with a bonus day off to be used anytime during the week of their birth day.

Flexible Time Options

Life isn’t always as predictable as 9 to 5. MIB understands that some staff may need flexibility. We are pleased to accommodate when possible depending upon an employees role and performance

Work From Home

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. MIB has created an opportunity for staff, depending on their role, to work from home on occasion when the need calls for it.

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