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  • Portfolio Managers
  • Brokers
  • Sales/Account Executives
  • Administration Experts
  • Underwriters

*RIBO Training & Licensing Provided

Your Individual Growth

At My Insurance Broker, we’ve made a promise to embrace and encourage your career development. We want you to be able to find out what you are best at, and how you can grow as a person and be important part of our team. You’ve got talent, that’s why you are My Insurance Broker. But we don’t think it stops here, we believe your talent can develop to advance with our support, imagination, and your commitment.

Getting the Most from Your Job

But what about you? How are you doing? Are you satisfied with what you do, and feel valued for your efforts? We invest in all of our employees, and ensure each enjoys their work as it leads to superior performance. At My Insurance Broker you will have access to the tools, technology, and support to do your job well. Training is core to our ongoing progress and performance management. We have well-established training schedules internally and with each of our insurance companies.

Working on Our Team

At My Insurance Broker we will make sure that the team goals are clear and completely understood and accepted by each team member.

We will make sure there is complete clarity in who is responsible for what and avoid overlapping authority. We build trust with our team members by spending one-on-one time in an atmosphere of honesty and openness. For issues that rely heavily on the team commitment, we will involve the whole team in the decision making process.

When managing teams, we make sure there are no blocked lines of communications and all our people are kept informed at all levels. Our success is when our team can accomplish something bigger than their individual abilities. For most of us, teamwork is part of every day. Whether it’s at home, in our communities, or at work.

Acting Responsibly

It is essential for the success of the Company and our leadership team that each employee and all our broker partners act morally, socially, and professionally responsible with the standards set by our regulatory bodies, our partner companies, and My Insurance Broker Corporation.

  • My Insurance Broker Corporation sets extremely high standards for our actions and those of our employees and broker partners.
  • Our approach is integral to our corporate culture and is the reason why our clients, partner companies, and the general public place their trust in us.
  • As a consequence each one of us is obliged to act responsibly and in compliance with what is expected out us a professionals.
  • We believe in making the communities where we live and work safer, healthier, and happier.
  • We encourage the involvement and citizenship of all our employees and we will allow them time off to participate in charity functions.

Recognizing and Rewarding Talent

Fair Reward

When you've given your best and when you've done your part you should be recognized and rewarded. We want everyone to be very clear what we expect of them and we'll give our people every opportunity to achieve & accomplish their personal and business goals. In return we will recognize the achievements and rewards everyone fairly, based on regular discussions & reviews about performance, linking performance to reward. We want a successful company, we want everyone to contribute to and gain from that success.

We Offer

  • A fast-paced, exciting and friendly work environment
  • Opportunities to advance and develop your career
  • Training programs
  • Career development and leadership training

Our Benefits

  • Employee Benefits Coverage
  • Employee Home & Auto Discounts
  • Bonus Programs
  • Generous Vacation Allowance
  • Free Parking
  • Performance-Based Awards
  • Employee Assistance
  • Employee Recognition Programs
  • In-House Training and Mentorship
  • Exciting Company Social Events
  • Full support for continuing education & internal opportunities to grow as an insurance professional to advance career
  • Exciting Company Social Events
  • Reimbursement of license fees and professional membership dues

Our Culture

What it's all about

The promise and commitment we make to each other is at the heart of our culture and our business. We strive to recognize the individuality in each of our employees; to respect our beliefs, heritage and we encourage each other to understand the individuality of our staff and also of our customers.

We look for key qualities:

  • Integrity
  • Intelligence
  • Energy

We are focused on:

  • Getting great people to join and stay with us.
  • Matching the right people with the right roles.
  • Getting the best out of our people.

Recognizing & rewarding our people for their commitment and contributions

How do we bring the vision of My Insurance Broker to our team members working within the group? How can we make sure each one is valued? We start by listening to the people working on our team. We want every person within the group to be able to say they are recognized for who they are and what they contribute matters.

Open Positions

Send your resume to careers@myinsurancebroker.com, or stop by one of our offices to speak with someone from our talent acquisition team.