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Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance compensates you for financial losses arising from the cancellation, interruption or delay of your trip due to a covered reason and provides added benefits for stolen or delayed baggage. In such unavoidable situations, beyond your control, you want to ensure that you are covered!

We also provide coverage for your immediate or extended family members or a travelling companion or business associate, if they are also impacted. For a small fee, you can add trip cancellation or interruption insurance to the emergency travel portion of your travel health insurance or purchase it as a separate benefit.

What does my trip cancellation/trip interruption insurance cover?


  • Reimbursement for the non-refundable prepaid portion of your trip in addition to the unused portion of any travel arrangements
  • Trip Interruption and Delay benefits if you are unable to complete your trip as scheduled
  • Baggage coverage in the event that your baggage is damaged, lost, stolen or delayed

How to Purchase Trip Interruption Insurance?

  1. Provide Your Trip DetailsProvide Your Trip Details by filling the simple forms

Provide Your Trip Details

Simply fill the forms to begin comparing your travel insurance quotes.

  1. Get Expert AdviceGet expert advice on Misssissauga car insurance

Add Trip Cancellation/Interruption Option

Make sure you're covered. Choose the trip cancellation/trip interruption option, or a travel insurance package that includes trip cancellation insurance such as an all-inclusive option.

  1. Save MoneySave money on car insurance Mississauga

Save Money and Buy Now

Select the best option for your circumstances and finish the payment options online or contact one of our broker's to ensure you have all available discounts.

Supplementary health insurance fills the gaps in your government health coverage and offers essential services

Frequent traveller? Make multiple trips not exceeding 17 days to anywhere in the world.

Why Choose My Insurance Broker for your trip?

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  • We provide assistance prior, during and after your trip
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