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How to get cheap Mississauga car insurance

Unfortunately, while being one of the most searched terms, "cheap mississauga car insurance" is not a label we'd ascribe to insurance. Your car insurance price is determined by location, age, and the vehicle you drive but varies by insurance carrier due to coverage options. So, car insurance policies that offer true financial protection and ensure your peace of mind are not "cheap", and that's okay, because our licensed car insurance brokers are here to help you get the coverage you need at the most affordable price by applying every discount you qualify for.

How can I maximize my savings on car insurance in Mississauga?

  1. Shop AroundShop around for Mississauga car insurance

    Shop Around

    We simplify this for you by providing you multiple quotes all in one place. Compare car insurance prices now.

  2. Get Expert AdviceGet expert advice on Misssissauga car insurance

    Get Expert Advice

    Our local Mississauga insurance brokers are here to answer any of your questions. Have unique insurance needs? We have an insurance solution for you! Call or stop by to see how we can better serve you.

  3. Save MoneySave money on car insurance Mississauga

    Save Money

    We know driving in Mississauga is not like driving downtown Toronto and with tailored insurance policies available from multiple insurance companies, drivers in Mississauga save an average of $500. Get your free car insurance quote now.

Getting car insurance in Mississauga has never been easier. Need a car insurance policy today, or have questions and want answers? Our local brokers are available at our toll-free number 1 (855) 482-5001 or you can quickly compare car insurance with our online car insurance calculator.

Maximize your savings on car insurance in Mississauga, Ontario.
Maximize your savings on car insurance in Mississauga, Ontario.

Why Choose My Insurance Broker to Be Your Car Insurance Broker?

See why switching to the My Insurance Broker Advantage will not only save you time and money, but also headaches along your journey through all of life’s ups and perils.

  • Better PricingGet better pricing on car insurance Mississauga

    Better Pricing

    We are here to help you and can save you money and time. With over 30 insurance partners, it’s never been easier to compare car insurance quotes and save money in Mississauga. We’ll help you find the lowest rate possible.

  • Better CoverageGet better car insurance coverage Mississauga

    Better Coverage

    With more choice you can easily compare and select the best coverage option for you and your unique insurance needs.

  • Better ServiceGet better service with car insurance mississauga

    Better Service

    Our commitment is to you. We treat our clients like family! As licensed insurance brokers, we are insurance experts that advocate on your behalf. We are here for you, to simplify the insurance purchase, servicing, and claims processes.

Getting car insurance in Mississauga should be simple and at our My Insurance Broker Mississauga location –conveniently located near Highway 410 and the 407, just a short trip away from the Toronto Pearson International Airport near the heart of Mississauga- we are here to provide you with expert advice every weekday from 9 PM to 5 PM and on Saturday from 10 AM to 4:30 PM. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

My Insurance Broker Mississauga, is conveniently located at our newly renovated office at 1200 Derry Road East, Unit 4 Mississauga. We offer a wide array of insurance products including Auto, Home, Life, Critical Illness, Disability, Commercial and Travel Insurance. Like all our offices, our Mississauga office is equipped with Registered Insurance Broker of Ontario (RIBO) certified and expertly trained brokers to advise you and provide assistance in addressing all your insurance needs. Additionally, our brokers are multi-lingual to help ensure your ease of doing business.

Mississauga in Focus

Did you know that the Region of Peel is currently working on the following initiatives to serve you better?

  • Peel Region Police InitiativesMississauga Police introduce ERASE program

    According to Peel Region Police, street racing has killed around 50 people in Ontario, since 1999. The police department has instituted "ERASE" (See Eliminate Racing Activities on Streets Everywhere 2016). According to mississauga.com, recent statistics from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation also indicate that the six kilometer stretch of Highway 401 from Dixie Road to Mavis Road has the highest collision rate and that on average, there is a crash per day on that section of the highway.

  • Storm Water ChargeMississauga Storm Water Charge and risk mitigation

    To protect you, your property and your environment, and to keep Mississauga healthy and safe, Peel Region introduced the Storm Water Charge in 2016. What is storm water? Storm water comes from rain and melted snow and settles into public drains, not in the drain of your house. To find out how much this may cost you try the free storm water estimator. Revenue generated from the Storm Water Charge will enable the Region to put appropriate infrastructure and programs in place to reduce these risks.

Local Amenities, Facts, and Useful Tidbits

Mississauga is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities and home to 61 Fortune 500 Canadian divisional head offices. It hosts many cultural activities and boasts over 480 parks and scenic attractions. Facilities include hockey arenas, skating rinks and basketball courts, among others. Whether you like the indoors or outdoors, you can choose from a wide range of recreational activities according to your preference. For those who enjoy the arts, you can spend an enchanting day at the museums and get a peek into Mississauga’s past, present and future through its original exhibitions, collections and heritage homes. Delight in a gamut of shopping options by visiting the Square One Shopping Centre, considered to be the largest in Ontario, with 350 retail stores and take advantage of the many factory outlet stores and malls.

The Carassauga Festival is one of the most anticipated events in Mississauga and one not to be missed! It is the second largest cultural festival in Canada and showcases different cultures around the world. Various pavilions of countries are displayed throughout the city and participants are able to choose from a plethora of food options and enjoy a variety of artistic performances.

Recommended places of interest include the Mississauga Celebration Square, the Art Gallery of Mississauga which offers free admission and tours; Port Credit, one of Mississauga’s top cultural and culinary districts; the Bradley Museum and the Hershey Centre; a multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex in Mississauga.

The Mississauga Celebration Square – Home to Mississauga’s largest festivities

Located in the heart of downtown Mississauga, the Celebration Square is home to Canada’s largest festivities such as the Canada Day Celebrations, Mississauga Rotary Ribfest, the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, New Year’s Eve Celebrations and culture specific celebrations. Additional activities include live concerts and recreational activities during the summer, as well as skating parties during the winter.

Mississauga is a fast growing city. This means that the number of houses and offices has also increased. As a result, the amount of water running off hard surfaces such as roofs and parking lots has also incrementally increased. In addition, climate change or the popularly known phenomena of 'Global Warming' has had a direct impact. In the past, it used to be fire that was the largest concern and individuals focused on mitigating risks associated with it, purchasing adequate protection and appropriate coverage for the risks arising from potential fires. However, as time has progressed, multiple factors including the possible impact of global warming has shifted the focus to the risk to 'Water' and 'Water Related Damage'. Today, we are experiencing heavy rainfalls, flash floods, blocked sewer systems, broken water mains, inadequate storm water infrastructure and severe winter weather including the unprecedented ice storm that hit Eastern Canada in December 2013 all of which can have an impact on the cost of car and home insurance in Mississauga.

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