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Characteristics of Canada’s Safest Drivers

Characteristics of Canada’s Safest Drivers

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Characteristics of Safest Drivers.

Canada is filled with safe drivers. And many of these safe drivers have a few characteristics and traits in common. These are traits some are born with and others have to learn. Nonetheless, being a safe driver is an extremely important aspect that must be taken seriously.

Even in the snowy Canadian winters, safe drivers keep their eyes on the road. Here, we’ll point out a few common characteristics of Canada safest drivers. If you’re looking for a bit of insight into what makes a safe driver safe, read on…


In order to be a safe driver, it is extremely important to be considerate. Canada’s safest drivers allow people to merge, let pedestrians have the right of way, and stick to the speed limit. Unsafe drivers ignore these practices and make the road a dangerous place. Considerate drivers respect the rules of the road and ensure the safety of fellow drivers and pedestrians.


A safe driver is most importantly smart. In order to drive safe daily, you must be fluid in the rules of the road. A safe driver knows every rule of the road possible - from traffic signs to the right of way, safe drivers know it all.

Most safe drivers have gone through intensive driver’s education courses. Many older drivers also take refresher courses to get re-introduced to old concepts. This keeps drivers up-to-date on all rules of the road.


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One of the most significant characteristics of a safe driver is awareness.

One of the most significant characteristics of a safe driver is awareness. A safe driver is absolutely, 100% free of distractions. And in a world where more car accidents are caused by distractions such as texting than by drunk drivers, it’s more important than ever to have both eyes on the road at all times.

Safe drivers are also always aware of their surroundings. They know who is in their blind spot, how close they are to other vehicles, and are aware of any upcoming directions they must follow. Safe drivers also anticipate all possible scenarios.


Lastly, and some would argue most importantly, is that a safe driver is patient. When a safe driver gets cut off, they never lash out. They continue driving in the safest way possible. Patience is the most common characteristic tested on the road.

It’s extremely crucial that drivers are patient and never give in to road rage. Road rage can cause terrible accidents and, in some cases, even death.

All of these characteristics are extremely true to Canada’s safest drivers. If you’re looking to become a better driver, start by practicing these 4 values and you’ll be off to a great start.

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