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Be Safe and Save Your Money With Winter Tires

The Canadian winter season can be quite hectic. It involves shorter days, harsh storms, chilly weather, and the dense clouds you have to beat. The roads become icy and full of snowfall, making driving pretty uncomfortable without having proper tires installed on your car.

Therefore, you should take early and apt precautions, like taking advantage of discounted Car Insurance Rates. By doing so, you can be sure to drive safely in such conditions by installing winter tires on your vehicle before winter kicks-in and save money.

Winter Tires
Winter Tires

Are you looking for the best and easy way to stay safe and save money with winter tires? An Insurance Broker should be your go-to solution. They provide the best and lowest Car Insurance in Ontario with excellent deals. Here we will discuss how winter tires can help you stay safe on the road and save your money with a reliable Car Insurance Online broker.

Besides, insurance companies in Ontario have an obligation of providing winter tire insurance discounts to all drivers who follow the right procedures and fit snow tires on their cars. As per the Ontario Government's recent efforts to ensure drivers are safe while driving in winters and preventing accidents.

1. Prevents Accidents

The Ontario Government to date still enhances the use of winter car tires since 2004. Its ultimate goal has been to reduce and prevent the occurrence of accidents during these nasty weather conditions. In a city like Quebec, winter tires usage has been mandatory since 2008, reducing accidental winter collisions by 18%. Besides, crashes that result in severe injuries or deaths have drastically reduced by 36%.

As a result, winter tires are best for encouraging safer driving habits in Ontario. It is noted that winter tires have incredible traction that lowers the car's stopping distance by about 30% to 40%. Therefore, drivers find it easy and effortless to control their vehicles, preventing them from critical injuries or death.

Winter tires can help enhance safer driving habits that, in turn, prevent accidents. If you haven't taken the precaution by installing these tires, we advise you to do so. It will keep you safe on the snowy roads, but you'll enjoy premium car insurance rates and save your money.

2. Promotes Safe Driving

When you install winter tires on your vehicle, you can be sure to get the lowest cost insurance in Ontario. At the same time, you will enjoy the safest driving experience during the harsh winter conditions. Winter tires boast incredible depth that makes them superior to other ordinary tires. Besides, the snow tires have unique tread designs and rubber compounds that make them incredibly strong.

In other words, the deeper treads give a perfect grip on snow, and that they comprise different rubber compounds than other tires. The rubber tends to be flexible in that as the temperatures fall below 7 degrees Celsius, the tires' material make-up hardens. Consequently, the tire's traction reduces, making them spread out and maintain an excellent grip.

Additionally, winter tires have excellent tread patterns with a design that pushes water away to the sides. It let tires stay in perfect contact with the road's surface. The best thing with snow tires is that they remain easygoing and more flexible in cooler conditions than all-weather or summer tires. The softness helps winter tires maintain an excellent grip and adjust to small flaws on the road. So, the driver gets more control over the vehicle and drives with ultimate safety.

What's more, winter tires are often outfitted with small grooves known as sipes. While the tire swivels and compresses the snow beneath it, it melts the snow into water. Therefore, these tiny grooves move the water away from the tire's sides and maintain contact with the road. It can help reduce sliding, which can be quite tricky to handle by skilled drivers and restrains car control by newbie drivers.

Above all, it makes sense to get your winter tirecar insurance online to drive safely and save your money.

3. Get a Winter Tire Discount

Auto insurance can be quite costly, but it is a requirement for driving on Canadian roads. Canada winters are typically harsh, and regular car tires are likely to lose traction when driving. Winter tires can be an extra expense for most vehicle owners. However, it is not always wise to sacrifice your safety and others on the road because they don't wish to spend any additional money. With the Ontario Government's requirement, all car insurance online companies should provide discounts on the auto insurance premium.

So, if you decide to install winter tires on your vehicle, you may get incredible car insurance rates on your auto insurance premium. This added incentive may depend on your car insurance online policy and driving record. Getting your lowest car insurance in Ontario can be the best way to grab winter tires for your car and enjoy enhanced road safety.

Requirements for winter tire discount

If you want to enjoy incredible discounts from your lowest car insurance Ontario, you can consider the below points:

  • Install winter tires on your car first to file an application.
  • All the four tires must be winter tires, not all-weather or summer tires.
  • Winter tire certificate must be presented to the car insurance Ontario to get the discount.

How to choose the best winter car tires

Winter tires can help you drive safely and save your money. Don't just go to your automotive parts dealer and pick any winter tires as they may not be very convenient. Instead, it would be wise to consider the following factors.

1. Tire and rims

Typically, a tire has two parts. The tire, which is black rubber, and the wheel or rim, that holds the tire. You can buy only the winter rubber tires or swap them with the existing rims. Or buy the entire set of winter tires that come with rims.

Buying the winter tire rubber can be cost-saving, but installing them on the rims may be costly. If you choose to buy winter tires with rims, installing them can be pretty straightforward, and you can do it yourself. More importantly, be sure to choose matching tires with the appropriate size, width, and thickness for easy installation.

2. Make early purchases

It would be best not to wait for too long in the winter to buy your set of winter tires. For most retailers, they only accept inventory during autumn. Therefore, be sure to purchase the tires when the temperatures start falling to 7 degrees Celsius. Please don't wait until it starts snowing so you can rush to get the tires as the selection will become insufficient.

3. Studded tires

Want to maintain traction in harsh and snowy driving conditions? It is a good idea to consider studded winter tires. They boast tiny metal studs on the outer rubber surface and help dig into the snowy road and provide excellent grip, especially when the temperature falls zero degrees. However, these tires may damage pavement surfaces and are quite noisy, and that's why they are not allowed in certain parts of Canada. Be sure to confirm if they are ideal for your region.

4. Check out for the logo

For a winter tire to be qualified in Canada, it must have a label that shows a 3-peaked mountain or snowflake (Alpine) logo. The symbol is solely found on winter tires and indicates that the tire meets specific requirements for use in snowy conditions. Besides, it should be original and authentic to avoid spending your money on poor quality tires.

5. Get advice from professionals

Essentially, you should always seek information from a professional before selecting winter tires. They will help you find the right set that suits your vehicle's make and model aptly perfectly.

Why you should choose an Insurance Broker

An insurance broker is a personal assistant that helps you find the perfect car insurance online plan depending on your desires and budget. Going for the source for your insurance plan can cost you lots of money. So, the best way not to lose your money, partnering withMy Insurance Broker can be your best solution.

We are reliable, highly reputable, and provide the lowest car insurance in Ontario. We also allow you to compare prices and plans from 25 trusted partners. So, you can be sure to get the best car insurance rates and save money. Other than that, you'll find other essential insurance plans on life, home, Uber, health, and much more. More importantly, getting started with us is pretty straightforward.

Bottom Line

Winter tires are the remarkably durable, efficient, and best choice for safer driving in snowy conditions. Although they may be a bit expensive, they are a requirement for improving road safety not just for you but for everyone on the road. The winter tire discounts help drivers set off and find suitable snow tires at reduced prices. It also helps drivers to lower car insurance rates on the premium policy. Also, be sure to get in touch with us and get your lowest car insurance in Ontario today and enjoy the discounts.

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