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Why does my driving behaviour (UBI) affect my auto insurance premiums?

It's simple: the better you drive, the more you save. Insurance companies offer telematics discounts such as CAA Insurance’s CAA Connect Discount (Telematics) which rewards you with a discount by assessing your acceleration, braking, and the time of day that you drive. This is also called user based insurance (UBI). With CAA Connect, CAA Insurance customizes your insurance rates based on your individual driving habits. CAA Insurance has initiated a program that rewards your good driving behavior. It does not account for locations so no matter where you drive in Canada or elsewhere, you will save. Simply plug the CAA Connect into your car and drive.

How much can I save on auto insurance with CAA Insurance’s CAA Connect Discount (User Based Insurance (UBI)/ Telematics)?

You instantly save 5% when you sign up for CAA Insurance’s CAA Connect Discount and are eligible to save up to 15% upon renewal. If you are a CAA Member that discount can increase to over 30%. This means that all you need to do to instantly reduce your insurance premium by 5% is plug in your CAA Connect device. To make sure you get the most of your discount upon renewal, be sure to avoid heavy acceleration or hard stops when braking.

How do I get the CAA Connect Discount?

Follow these three simple steps to start receiving your CAA Connect Discount:

  1. Step 1: Start by getting an auto insurance quote

    Get an auto insurance quote and select CAA Insurance to begin taking advantage of the CAA Connect Discount today. Remember, with CAA Connect you automatically get a 5% enrollment discount.

  2. Step 2: Setup your CAA Connect Device

    Your CAA Connect Device will arrive anywhere in Ontario by mail a few business days after your enrollment in the CAA Connect Discount program. After it arrives, remove the packaging, then simply plug it into the OBD port (On-Board Diagnostic system) of your car and drive.

    Connecting your CAA Connect device is as simple as locating your OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port. It's a small socket in your car that can usually be found under the dashboard or close to the steering column. If you need help finding yours, check your vehicle's owner's manual.

    When you activate and install the device, we will send you an email describing how you can log in to access your custom CAA Connect dashboard. This dashboard will show you your potential discounts. Logging in to your dashboard will provide you with feedback on your driving habits, stats and your potential savings at policy renewal time.

  3. Step 3: Save on your Auto Insurance

    Depending how you drive, and whether you are a CAA Member, when renewing your auto insurance policy could be eligible for up to 30% off your entire auto insurance premium.

    Don’t worry, all information captured by the CAA Connect device cannot be used against you in the case of an accident or brush with the law. Unless you want to access it to prove you were in fact not speeding or not at fault for an accident or damage to your vehicle. This means that you will never have to disclose any information related to your driving habits. The information is only sent to your insurer.

  4. Step 4: Grow or maintain your Telematics Discount (from 5 to 30%)

    • Cautious, considerate, and Canadian driving.
    • Accommodating and predicting another driver’s actions while avoiding heavy braking situations and accidents in general will help increase your savings. This means leaving a healthy amount of space in front of your vehicle will help prepare you for any driving scenario.
    • This does not mean that if you happen to find yourself in an unexpected situation that heavy braking will cause your premium to increase. However, if you have to brake heavily frequently, this is indicative of poor driving habits. Don’t worry, no matter how poor your driving habits your insurance company cannot increase your premium and you still receive a minimum of 5% off your premium for signing up for the Telematics.
    • Similarly, by avoiding heavy acceleration and excessive top speeds, you are more likely to save more. This means that obeying traffic laws and accelerating at a regular pace to highway speeds will increase your likelihood of saving.
    • Drive like you always do.
    • Drive less than 12,000 Km/year.
    • Avoid Speeding.
    • Avoid driving between 12AM and 4AM.

Who is collecting my information?

Many Ontarians are hesitant from a privacy perspective due to fears about what information is gathered, and more importantly, who has access to this information. Although telematics devices also record GPS data, other data collected includes driving habits, braking and acceleration trends, and time of use. Analyzing such habits can significantly encourage a reduction in premiums since insurance companies can determine good driving habits against those which traditionally lead to accidents. Through protection agencies such as FSCO & PIPEDA, the Ontario government closely monitors the use of such private information and ensures the proper collection, storage, and use to avoid any misappropriation, resale, or application of your personal information.

What are they collecting it for?

As technology continues to play a role in our daily lives to help improve accessibility, ease and convenience of use, and predictive analytics, this new adoption of technology by insurance providers helps identify risk on an individual basis. Historically, an insurance company would analyze data and trends segmented based on postal code, age, gender, vehicle model, etc. Today, through the insurer initiatives, individualized rating is close to perfection – placing us one step closer to rating based on individual drivers rather than demographics.

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