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Homeowner's Insurance in Ontario

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Find the Best Home Insurance Policy In Ontario with My Insurance Broker.

Your home is your biggest asset. Small and cozy or big and comfortable, the house you live in is the biggest investment you will make in your life, so why leave it up to chance? To help you secure and protect your property, insurance companies offer great coverages for homeowners all across Ontario.

So much so, in fact, that choosing the best insurer has become quite difficult.

If you’re looking for a reliable homeowner’s insurance company in Ontario, you’ll most definitely need some help. Without further ado, here’s where to look for these companies and how to pick the best insurer for your specific needs. Plus, a list of Ontario’s most trusted home insurance providers.

Why Do You Need Home Insurance Coverage?

Simply put, homeowner’s insurance protects your home, property, contents, as well as your pocket and your entire family from the widest range of unfortunate things that could happen to your home. This includes virtually everything from natural catastrophes to a thief burglarizing your property.

Choosing a Home Insurance Company in Ontario

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Find the Best Home Insurance Policy In Ontario with My Insurance Broker.

Now, this is a tricky question.

For whatever reason, most people choose the cheapest solution. And since good home insurance is not exactly inexpensive, most people make a mistake. The key to finding the best home insurer lies not in price but in coverage options and services. Review options first and negotiate the price later.

Comparing Ontario Home Insurance Quotes

The most foolproof way of reviewing different providers of homeowner’s insurance policies is by looking at their quotes and comparing them for the best value. While doing so, it is advisable not to look at the price only. The following information will tell you much more about the insurer at hand:

  • Achieved customer satisfaction
  • Offered types of insurance coverage
  • Exclusions from certain policies
  • The cost of additional coverage
  • Annual home insurance premium

The Most Reliable Home Insurers in Ontario

Luckily for responsible homeowners such as yourself, Canada is blessed with many choices when it comes to reliable providers of home insurance policies. These are only a few of them, selected for their impeccable reputation and quality of service, as well as for having served Canada for decades:

  • Intact Financial
  • The Co-operators
  • Industrial Alliance
  • SSQ Financial
  • Portage Mutual Insurance
  • Wawanesa Mutual Insurance
  • RSA Insurance
  • LA Capitale
  • Aviva Canada
  • Desjardins General Insurance
  • RBC Insurance
  • TD Insurance

Get Quick Quotes with My Insurance Broker

My Insurance Broker can help you make the best possible decision in regard to ensuring your home. We help you find home insurance coverage all over Ontario but specialize in the following areas:

  • Richmond Hill
  • Mississauga
  • Hamilton
  • London
  • St. Thomas
  • Windsor

As Canada’s trusted insurance advisor, we deliver quotes and compare rates for Ontario’s leading home insurers.

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