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Graduated (G) Licence Discount

Why is getting my Graduated (G) Licence worth it?

Getting your G Licence can save you big on insurance. Auto Insurance companies recognize when drivers complete their graduated license in Ontario by rewarding drivers with discounts that often apply for G2 and G license completion. These licence classes prove to auto insurance providers that drivers have met minimum standards for the proper operation of a motor vehicle, where each class has varying levels of risk. The sooner you can get your G class licence the sooner you can begin to build a safe driving record and take advantage of these savings among others such as the Conviction Free Discount.

How much can I save on auto insurance with a Graduated (G) Licence?

Obtaining your graduated (G2 or G) licence can affect your insurance premium, and you may be eligible to save up to 10%. This discount can be applied to multiple drivers that fall under the same insurance policy. Therefore it is in your best interest to inform your broker when a driver listed on your policy has updated the license class they hold, as you may be eligible for further discounts.

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