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Usage Based Discount

Why does the amount I drive affect my insurance premium?

Some Insurance companies offer discounts for using your vehicle infrequently as it constitutes a reduction in risk of claims. Specifically, the less time on the road, the lower the exposure to risk of accidents and claims. This discount is applied when your vehicle use is business or pleasure but limited in the number of km driven annually. While there is no limit on the distance you drive, the lower the number of annual km the higher the discount you will be eligible for.

Other discounts may apply depending on if your commute to work is shorter than average. Discuss with your broker if you think you are eligible.

How much can I save on insurance with low mileage/usage or no commute?

Using your vehicle infrequently can affect your insurance premium, and you may be eligible to save 3-10%. This discount can be added mid-term if you change your job and your commute distance changes or if you move closer to work.

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