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Experienced Driver Discount

Why does being an experienced driver affect my insurance premium?

Special note: this discount can be applied mid-term, immediately, with the additions of vehicles, where the principal operator meets the criteria for an experienced driver discount. If this is you, contact one of our brokers to make sure you get the discount!

As people gain driving experience, they tend to become more mature on the roads and more comfortable in a variety of driving scenarios. This results in a lower number of claims made as driver experience increases and insurance companies reward the reduction in risk of insurance claims payout by offering an experienced driver discount.

How much can I save on insurance as I become a more experienced driver?

Becoming a more experienced driver can significantly lower your insurance premium, with discounts ranging between 5-30%. You may be eligible to save between 5-30% in discounts because your insurer will see you as a better, more experienced driver. This means if you are currently an inexperienced driver you have much to look forward to in terms of reduced insurance premium.

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